Interior elements

SNYKS shop, stairs

Designers: interior design and planning studio "Interdio"

Creating a unique store is not enough just to create a beautiful space to display the goods. The store must be cozy, have several spaces with different functions, it must be a home not only for the merchant but also for the customer. Following this principle, the SNYKS store was created. A separate space for trade, a rest area for customers, and a separate space for planned events - these are the details of both the interior and the uniqueness of the store. The store is divided into two zones by a large, bright staircase, which has become the central part of the room. On one side: comfortable, easy-to-move furniture that can be moved to create different spaces. The highlight of the recreation/events area is a large graffiti painting that creates an urban mood. On the other side of the stairs is the shopping area, its uniqueness is the Eurowall reaching the ceiling, creating a feeling of luxury and abundance. The uniqueness of the interior and cozy measuring areas with comfortable chairs, tables, and thematic literature invite not only shopping but also socializing.