Interior elements

Interior element “Inflated”

Designers: „Toota“ Justė Žibūdienė, Dominyka Rudokė

Client: „Ogilvy Vilnius“

"Pūstas" ("Inflated") decorative interior detail The decor detail "Pūstas" (translates as "inflated") was created for the interior of the "Ogilvy Vilnius" office. This office design explores themes of illusion, surprise, and unexpected impressions. Different interior details and materials were used to create a misleading first impression: an illusion when reality is not what it seems to be. The detail "Pūstas" ("Inflated") is the opposite of the impression it creates. A visitor at first will notice a soft and fragile detail, which if touched is in fact a hard, cold metal. These details are installed at the main entrance to the office, which transports the visitor to a completely different space. It forms a tunnel of inflated squares, where ~50x50 cm galvanized metal sheet segments are assembled into a single structure. The width and length of the tunnel are such that the visitor is allowed to calmly examine the details up close and is also welcome to probe them with a touch.