Interior design

Public interior “Lonas HOME”

Authors: Jokūbas Jurgelis, Jūratė Volkavičiūtė (2XJ architects

Client: UAB Lonas

Inspired by traditional crafts, the new Lonas interior concept aims to highlight the quality of each item - its handiwork and values that Lonas brand is based on. The main architectural task is to emphasize every product group by creating a distinctive spatial character for each product area. It is achieved by designing custom furniture and applying different interior installation solutions. The store is divided into three main product areas and a utility area. Each space exhibits goods in a way, that reveals their best features, distinguishing between different categories and their specifics. Because of that, visitors are given the opportunity to try and choose the most suitable products without any distractions. Exposed construction of display modules is inspired by traditional folk furniture. In combination with pine plywood, solid pine wood, linen fabric, natural stone and recycled materials it creates the main design concept of the interior, as it acknowledges both tradition and innovation. Responsibly selected materials imply a different consumer culture, which is especially important for a manufacturing company.