Interior design

Large family houses, Interior of a residential house

Designers: Aidas Kalinauskas, Ignas Kalinauskas, Benas Kalinauskas, Laurynas Bublys

Client: private

This house is special to us. It reveals all our essential design principles - absolute functionality, contextuality, consistency of solutions and individual character. This house is for a large beautiful family with its own unique story. It stands in a block of detached houses but is bordered on one side by a forest from which deer occasionally come. We made sure they were always spotted through the wide windows. This house consists of three volumes, each slightly curved, personalized. Just like each of us. Its function is directly reflected and is easily architecturally read in the form of a building. Maximum space is provided in the living, dining and kitchen areas. The smallest - in the entrance area with a boiler room and a toilet. Well, the volume of the two floors is for the bedrooms. Its interior is infinitely bright, and the three-dimensional composition consists of a series of wooden programmed frames in white planes - windows, doors, galleries, TVs, work areas, clock, stairs, kitchen workbenches and more. The direction of interior design was coded at the very beginning of the architectural concept and all we had to do was maintain consistency. Among other things, this house is designed to enjoy life.