Costume design


Designer: Rimantė Rimgailaitė

The Internet is not only a virtual space; it has become an integral part of our lives in which many of us spend a lot of time browsing. The development of advanced technologies has encouraged people to become extremely social beings, and the internet effect is now similar to a web cam that is never turned off – standing all night long with complete openness. In every moment of life, self-promotion has become a completely normal phenomenon. According to US sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists who have studied it, this self-demonstration equates to narcissism, arguing that this will become one of the biggest problems facing society in the 21st century. Online narcissists are tirelessly seeking satisfaction, complacency and benefit by cultivating a cult of beauty and perfection. This experimental collection was created using a sculptural construction-layout method inspired by the image of contemporary narcissism. The symbol of a daffodil, a narcissus, chosen to represent the collection, is applied to a classic garment.