Multimedia design

LRT rebrand

Designers: „Not Perfect Vilnius“

Client: VšĮ Lietuvos nacionalinis radijas ir televizija

The key challenge in updating the visual identity of LRT, the largest national media group in Lithuania, which operates seven channels on television, radio, and the internet, has been to demonstrate the distinctive character of each channel, while at the same time, through the means of graphic expression, communicating the fact that they all belong to the same parent brand. The updated visual identity also had to address other practical brand communication issues: the poor readability of the secondary brands and their complicated use in promotions, where multiple channel brands needed to be displayed simultaneously. By creating a unified design system, each channel was given its own individual visual language through its dedicated color scheme and secondary graphic elements, reflecting the character of the channel and the media in which it appears. The graphics of the original brand were transformed into a simplified form and became the monumental axis linking the parent and secondary brands. LRT TV, LRT PLIUS, LRT LITUANICA, LRT RADIJAS, LRT KLASIKA, LRT OPUS, LRT LT, and the parent brand LRT have undergone a tonal change in terms of colors with a view to preserving the brands' recognition, but each of them has now been complemented by a secondary color palette, which helps avoid monotony and gives a sense of novelty, allowing the focus to be placed on the elements that need to be highlighted. In dynamic communication tools and channel IDs, the secondary graphic elements of the flat geometric form gather volume and, operating in space, change shape and create a story by becoming part of the narrative. The updated visual style offers improved flexibility and adaptability to different formats across different media. The choice of sans-serif typography ensures uniform legibility in both digital and physical spaces, while at the same time giving the brand a timeless quality. The new graphic expression of LRT's managed brands also allows for variation – easy construction of graphic compositions, combining several channels into a single image for specific promotions, etc.