Fashion accessories

Jewelry “Reload” stones

Designer: Ieva Laskevičiūtė

Client: Vilnius Academy of Arts

Hen eggshells, bio-resin, silver. Reloaded stones collection of jewelry analyzes the relation of carbonate-class minerals calcite, aragonite, dolomite and hen eggshells. The chemical composition of these stones almost perfectly coincides with eggshells found in almost every person's household environment. The eggshell is composed almost entirely of calcium and magnesium carbonates, and the chemical composition of selected carbonate-class minerals (Ca(CO3), Ca(CO3), CaMg(CO3)2) class is dominated by precisely this inorganic salt. Based on the chemical composition of the selected substances, quantum physics and biology, it can be said that calcite, aragonite, dolomite and eggshells consist of the same, partially similar particles. Therefore, despite the time, space and additional factors of formation, the eggshells can potentially be a stone and that mineral stone could be an eggshell too. By reloading crushed, disintegrated materials, re-mixing them and connecting them together, as if trying to create an earthly Planck constant and replicating the spilt of selected materials to the smallest energy strings and their new combination, a new environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasant stone is created, which promotes zero- waste policy and is an alternative material for precious stones in jewelry and design.