Services and social design

Interactive Museum-Educational Space for Children “History Manor”

Authors: Miglė Vasiliauskaitė, Kotryna Zilinskienė, Ieva Cicėnaitė, Justė Maldžiūnaitė

Client: Anykščiai district municipality

The manor of stories is an interactive museum–educational space in Anykščiai. The main target audience – children and families. The most important fact – manor’s visitors are an active participants – every exhibit can be touched and experienced. The minimalistic aesthetics of the exposition helps not to overshadow the heritage of the manor’s spaces. The exposition is divided into 4 spaces: Anykščiai Hall has an unique infographic wall that presents the history of Anykščiai and a giant legend book. The Manor Hall is an exposition of historical images and modern interactive objects. On a magnetic wall human’s height “paper dolls" can be dressed in historical costumes. The Attic of the Writers is a unique space with 7 designed armchairs and portraits presenting 7 literature classics that were born in the Anykščiai region. The most mysterious is the basement space. Through small holes in the door, you can see the “real” ghost – an audiovisual installation. This special educational space invites children to forget the stereotypes of boring education.