Costume design

Experimental clothing collection “Humane Update”

Designer: Karolina Miciūtė

Client: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Telšiai Faculty

The topic researches futuristic clothing technology development in the fashion industry. It examines what clothing, textile technologies are being developed now and what are planned or possible in the distant future, why there is no wider integration in modern clothing, when the technologies are so advanced in other fields. Solutions are being sought to make clothing more useful to people. The phenomenon of smart clothing, its connections with the virtual world, its importance in society, its benefits to the environment and people are discussed. In order to best reflect the topic at hand, much attention has been paid to the selection of materials that could be both functional and uniquely looking. The textiles used are modern, from reflective materials and details, color-changing, resistant fabrics. The design solutions used in the clothes allow you to choose the desired way of wearing. Each set of clothing can be used uniquely according to needs. Technologically advanced clothing is an important idea to improve human dressing needs and change the mass consumption of cheap textiles. The experimental collection "Humane Update" - the desire to support the idea of technological development and invite people to take more interest in such clothing and change mass consumption.