Costume design

Clothing engineering solutions in the clothing collection “FF”

Designer: Barbara Baranovska

Client: Vilnius College of Design

The clothing collection "FF" is inspired by the Arctic and Antarctic traditional nations clothes, explorers, functional, sports-leisure clothes and specialized workwear. Current world situations like the global pandemic, high pollution, urbanisation, fast-growing industry and manufacturing have affected this clothing collection. The main goal is to create a clothing collection that is protective, functional and modern according to changed society. The name of the collection "FF" is an abbreviation of the full name "Functional yet Fashionable". Special-purpose clothing, such as parkas, cargo pants, overalls have inspired and influenced the design of my collection. In the collection, these clothes are adapted to the modern individual. The "FF" collection includes transformational clothing and details such as long pants turn into short, the sleeves of the overalls open if you want to lengthen the silhouette, trousers with 3D pockets can be worn on the shorts. Many details can be opened, fastened, tightened. In this way, the clothes not only expand their functionality but also are comfortable and can adapt to the current environment and situation. The layering of the clothes was used in this collection. The bottom layer consists of jersey clothes, whereas the top layers consist of impregnated, waterproof materials, Tyvek and PVC. The container is the initial visual inspiration for the collection, symbolizing a fast-growing industry, free travel, but also the rapid spread of viruses or diseases. Thus, I used textile manipulation techniques to create a texture similar to the surface of a cargo container.