City Purefier

Author: Elena Mieželė

Client: Lexus Design Award 2020

City Purifier is a device which cleans the air in the busiest city traffic areas. The analysis of city air pollution indicated the highest rates of particle pollution, CO and nitrogen dioxide in the busiest city intersections and roundabouts. These pollutants contaminate the environment and the atmosphere. This device cleans the air and also raises ecological awareness. Even though the world is raising environmental awareness by developing electric cars, petrol or diesel will remain the main type of fuel in the near future. This device encourages to battle against global warming. The concept of City Purifier is based on existing similar air cleaning technologies. The device is powered by the electricity generated from the traffic energy through the special road surface and collected in the underground batteries. City Purifier consists of slopping triple-layered filters and a special vacuum, which effectively collects particle pollution and toxic gases. The technology built in the upper part of the device is full of anions, which help to stabilise the level of oxygen ions in the air. Each part of the device contributes to the process and all together City Purifier stands as a symbol of the friendship between the technology and the environment.