Botanique: The Mind Garden

Designer: Lukas Avėnas

Client: „Ruksa“, 2023

What is the secret of a garden? What kind of garden is beautiful, successful? Above all, a garden that balances nature and culture. We humans create the vision of the garden, we plan the locations of the plants, we shape them according to our plan, but each plant grows and changes according to its own laws. A good gardener listens to them. Ideas and inspiration also have their own mysterious laws, and the best ideas come from outside our normal knowledge. They can be made better or worse. Inspiration usually strikes when the mind is free to wander, and it is in those moments that unstructured, living space is needed. "The Botanique" furniture system grows and changes, adapting to needs. "Botanique" is a modular soft furnishing system for offices and public spaces. With a multitude of configurations and accessories available, everyone can create their own personal garden. The furniture in the collection is easy to disassemble and the fabrics are easy to remove, making it easy to recycle or reuse the materials. The disassembled parts are in simple, standard shapes and are ideal for making new products.