Book “Abrakadabra”

Designer: Aušra Lisauskienė

Client: Tarptautinės dailės kritikų asociacijos (AICA) Lietuvos sekcija, 2023

The design of the book "Abracadabra: Antanas Martinaitis & Co. mimicry, psychedelics from the collection of L. Drazdauskaitė", both the inside and the cover, had to maintain the authenticity of the old drawings, made with various tools on yellowish or yellowed paper, as much as possible. The book contains about 530 surreal drawings made using the automatic drawing method. Because of the political allusions and eroticism, there are many unconsidered thoughts and unfulfilled desires, which is why the design of the book is minimalist, with chronologically arranged drawings, printed on matt paper, dominating the flaps. On the cover of the book, the title "Abracadabra", which has been reduced to a single word, is embossed in the congreve technique.