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a series of posters to show the damage caused by clear felling

Designer: Deimantė Malūnavičiūtė

Biodiversity has existed and evolved for about four billion years, and it is critical to the existence of humanity. We depend on many natural resources and the benefits they provide, such as climate management, water, and air, soil fertility, plant pollination, food fuel, fiber, and production of medicines and building materials. One of the most damaging human activities is clearcutting, a practice in which most or all trees in an area are uniformly cut down. Clear-cutting destroys all natural forests and ecosystems, affects waterways, and changes the local micro-implications of the damage caused by clearcutting which became the themes for the posters: the destruction of the forest ecosystem, soil erosion, global warming, extreme events, and various diseases. In line with these themes, the posters are designed to create a direct encounter with the problem and its consequences. The vulnerability of the environment around us is depicted through symbols we are all familiar with. The use of a neutral background color represents the loss of biodiversity as well as the loss of the future. The posters contain only the essential information, identifying the problem and the consequence, all connected by visual symbols in the center.