For the tenth year in a row, the Lithuanian Design Forum organised the “Good Design” award ceremony. This year it took place on 12 October in Kaunas, in the business centre BLC. The event is part of the programme “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022”. The 36 best products and projects, ranging from an electric bus to tea packaging, were selected from more than 154 applications. The 12 best entries, each in its own category, were judged exclusively by a jury of foreign experts, and were awarded this year’s national prize “Good Design”.

This year’s jury included: interior architect and designer Tapio Antilla (Finland), designer and founder of Design By Us Rasmus Larsson (Denmark), co-owner of Design Elevator, designer Charles Busmanis (Switzerland, Latvia), co-owner of Design Elevator Elina Busmane (Latvia), design historian, journalist, curator Larysa Tsybina (Ukraine), graphic designer, co-founder and president of The 4thBlock Oleg Veklenko (Ukraine), co-founder of Samples Lab Corradino Garofalo (Italy, The Netherlands).

The jury members virtually selected the top three entries in 12 categories, but the final decision was made on 12 October, before the opening of the exhibition. The jury arrived in Kaunas and announced the winners. During the event, she commented on her decisions.

Elina Busmanis commented: “As a jury, we want to emphasise the need to make sustainable choices, experiment and go beyond conventional methods in every new design.”
Rasmus Larsson’s comment: “I am a 100% furniture lover, I believe in good design and the idea of thinking about the environment and climate while making a beautiful object for the winner of the furniture category is just perfect.”
Larissa Tsybina’s comment: “All three entries in the interior category were worthy of the prize, but we chose the entry that reflects the future of interior design.”
The opening ceremony was an opportunity to see one of the biggest exhibits of the show – the electric bus Dancer, designed by the people of Klaipėda. For those who didn’t make it to the awards ceremony, the Gero dizainas exhibition will be on display in the BLC A Building at the Business Centre until 25 October.

Nominees and nominations:

Prize winners:
“2XJ architects: Jurga Marcinauskaitė, Laimis Valančiūnas (restaurant, cocktail bar “Babble”).
Winners of the diploma:
Gabija Pažarskytė and Karolina Juodeškaitė-Juknė (houses in Pavilniai Regional Park);
“Toota”: Justė Žibūdienė, Dominyka Rudokė (Glasses ON).

Prize winner:
Emilė Kaškauskaitė (coffee table collection 34ND1).
Diploma winners:
Donatas Žukauskas (side and coffee table collection);
Agnė Balke (KnoTie).

Prize winner:
“MOA” Miglė Nainytė (showcase “I see / I don’t see”).
Diploma winners:
Interior design and design studio “Interdio” (SNYKS shop, stairs);
“Toota” Justė Žibūdienė, Dominyka Rudokė (interior element “Blower”).

Prize winners:
UAB “Vėjo projektai” (urban transport system-bus “Dancer”).
Diploma winners:
Sofija Orlovaitė (turntable “Pluto”);
“Desdorp: Deividas Juozulynas, Denis Orlenok, Danil Ščepanov (indoor robot “Desibot”).
Charles Busman’s comment: “The winning product reflects your country’s future prospects. I wish you every success.”

Prize Winner:
Emilija Jasiulytė (fashion design project-collection “Portmantò”).
Diploma winners:
“Ducktail Rainwear: Sigita Būkantaitė, Dovilė Gužienė, Vigita Garbuzaitė (Marila Unisex raincoat);
Gustė Kripaitė (biodegradable vests).

Prize winner:
Eglė Alejevaitė (Deo series of devices for the deaf).
Diploma winners:
“Inblum Architects: Laura Malcaitė, Dmitrij Kudin, Renata Mickevičiūtė, Laura Gaižutytė, Margarita Podagelytė (modular houses);
“Desdorp: Deividas Juozulynas, Denis Orlenok (Cardihorse).

Prize winners:
Neringa Orlenok, Vita Markevičiūtė (display cards).
Diploma winners:
Gintarė Petkevičiūtė (“Deviant behaviour change: design methods”. A case study of social integration of prisoners serving prison sentences);
Deimantė Malūnavičiūtė (series of posters to show the damage caused by clear felling).

Prize winners:
“Not Perfect Vilnius” (LRT visual identity update).
Diploma winners:
“MOA” Miglė Nainytė (labels – glass ingots);
Salvita Bingelytė (visual identity of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Germany “Weiter zusammen”).

Prize winner:
Emilija Užukauskienė (La Petite Patisserie bakery).
Diploma winners:
“Antanas Brazauskas (Farmers Circle label design);
Dovilė Džervutė-Laurinkienė, Inga Plungytė, Olegas Ryžovas, Vitalijus Kitovas, Vaidas Andriūnas, Rasa Daunoravičienė (coffee packaging-comic “96 reasons…”).

Prize winners:
Adomas Jazdauskas, Justina Čiačytė, Mindaugas Dudėnas (“Techfusion” generative design).
Diploma winners:
Adomas Jazdauskas, Justina Čiačytė, Mindaugas Dudėnas, Rokas Mežetis (“Inion” generative design).
The diploma and the jury’s “special mention” went to: Povilas Daknis (SEMIHUMAN), Laimute Varkalaite, Daumantas Jakas, Vadym Skakunas (Butchers of Bucha).

Prize winners:
Dalius Ilginis and Rasa Ilginė (“Everything and Nothing”).
Diploma winners:
Goldsmith Dominykas Vakrinas (“Pevé” rings);
SEMIHUMAN (“Jewelry-19”);
Victoria Golikova (“Wine Allegories”).

Prize Winner:
Gytis Skudzinskas (William Kentridge “That Which We Do Not Remember”).
Diploma winners:
Deivydas Praspaliauskas, designer Jurga Zelvytė (“MAISTAS. Home Kitchen”);
Mažvydė Kokanauskienė, “Monoklis” Giedrė Beinoriūtė (book “Cinematographer Audrius Kemežys: A Moment to Match Colours”);
Ieva Filipova, designer Ugnė Krasauskaitė (representative publication of Kaunas University of Technology).


By establishing the Special Prize, we wanted to thank and encourage the entire design community on behalf of the State Patent Office to continue to create and protect their design rights, to promote their competitiveness and development, and to raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property protection.
The special prize is an intellectual property pre-identification service. This service is designed to identify existing intellectual property (IP) rights and to offer guidance on how to properly manage existing IP assets (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names, etc.). This service can help you to decide what action to take/not to take in relation to specific IP assets. This service is essential for the development of an existing or future IP strategy.
AWARDED CATEGORIES and prize winners:
Product/Industrial Design category: Sofija Orlovaitė – turntable “Pluto”;
Dovilė Džervutė-Laurinkienė, Inga Plungytė, Olegas Ryžovas, Vitalijus Kitovas, Vaidas Andriūnas, Rasa Daunoravičienė – coffee packaging-comic “96 reasons…”.


“The main mission of the design competition is to encourage designers to create and companies to use design as one of the most important tools for creating added value. Objects created by designers are usually functional, aesthetic and sustainable. “With the Good Design Awards, we encourage creativity in interiors, objects, packaging, books, fashion, jewellery, communication – everything that surrounds us – to be one of the most important characteristics. Giving designers the opportunity to take part in the competition gives them additional motivation to create,” said Vytautas Gurevičius, Head of the Lithuanian Design Forum.

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