Interior design

The girls’ school and museum

Author: Leading architect - Jurgita Paškevičiūtė, co-authors: Margarita Čeremnych, Marija Stonytė

Client: UAB "Arimex"

The girls' school and museum – a project that has not yet been To recreate the four-century history of the building, where the Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic intertwine, to carefully wipe off the dust to illuminate the past, not to make mistakes that would be impossible to correct, is an extremely responsible and costly job. Layer after layer, we uncovered the ruined heritage, looted layers of Soviet wallpaper, opened the remains of amazing frescoes, and erected wall decals. The client has provided a lot of funds to save and return them. The biggest challenge was to combine the latest technologies - lighting, ventilation, conditioning, so as not to compromise the authenticity of the building. In Italy, we ordered special paints made according to the technologies of the 17th century. The floor tiles were made of special clay to replicate the authenticity of past centuries. Even the window handles, chandeliers were made specifically for this building. We did not have photos from the past. The building itself dictated to us its history, interior concept, decor elements.