Interior design


Architects / Designers: Laura Janavičiūtė, Rytis Mikulionis, Aistė Galaunytė, Viltė Zubrytė, Gytis Vaitkevičius

Client: UAB Švyturys-Utenos Alus

The scope of this design commission was broad yet clearly defined. The interior of the Švyturys Brewery needed to include a bar, a beer shop, a tasting area, an exhibition space, a conference room, a concert stage, and more, to become a place where people could socialize and learn about Lithuania’s proud beer-brewing culture. These design imperatives allowed us to break free from the typical gastropub interior design standards to come up with our own unique and playful solutions. Located in the seaside town of Klaipėda, the Švyturys Brewery stands next to a historic brewery known throughout the region. Drawing on this coastal region’s rich beer brewing traditions, we opted to emphasize the interplay of colours, materials and various precise and seemingly random, witty narrative elements to surprise and stimulate conversations.