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Designers: Andstudio

“This exchange aims to get familiar with an unfamiliar market and the challenges it poses. As a studio, we want to keep challenging ourselves in various ways and have fun doing it,” said Augustinas Paukštė, partner at Andstudio. Studio “muttnik” and “andstudio” – two teams of designers were living each others’ lives for one month this summer. The office swap project has its website, where both participating studios shared their experiences while spending time in their partners’ shoes. Additionally, the website calls for closer collaboration among professionals in the design field by inviting others to register and participate in future exchanges. “Hopefully, this creative exchange will be just the first of many, and more studios will follow suit to build a more connected community among graphic design professionals in Europe. Usually, design studios are fierce competitors, but we believe there’s much more to gain by collaborating,” Paukštė concluded.