SOITTI Multifunctional Illuminator

Designer: Danil Ščepanov

Vilnius Academy of Arts

Children used to be told it was time to go to school by the sound of the school bell, while a church clock and its bells tell the time of day. So the sound of any bell is exceptional. The shape of a bell is designed to achieve a certain sound, which in different cultures and countries brings a message to summon people, for them to pay attention to something, or to receive the light of some kind of education. People like staying in the light, and SOITTI connects both light and sound. The shape of the speaker is designed for a basic function – to invite people. It can be a sort of centre for the home, calling out to gather family members and friends, as it’s easy to share sound and light. SOITTI is a wireless speaker and lamp, a gadget that substitutes various home appliances because it unites several functions – a diffusion of light and sound. There’s no need to turn on a separate source of light or sound, it can easily be controlled with a smartphone.