Interior elements

Showcase “I see / I don’t see”

Designer: „MOA“ Miglė Nainytė


A multi-layered showcase is created for the optics shop ‘Glasses on' in Kaunas oldtown. The object of the showcase – glass – is chosen deliberately; it corresponds with the materiality of the optics' product. The reflective layer is added to the transparent glass. The mirror is handmade by pouring a mixture of chemical elements (the old mirror-making technique). Such a technique allows to create reflections with dissolving boundaries and manipulates the possibilities of visual representation. Clear boundaries between the reflection and direct view are erased. The object is directly connected to the surroundings/context. The view of the showcase changes while the spectator moves along the footpath: the reflection of an observer - the reflection of the surroundings – mirror reflection is seen as a stain – in the mirror a transparent space is stumbled upon, visible behind the mirror. It is like a game with visual perception: _world-reflection; world-mirage; dual world; _visible / invisible; can see / can't see; focus / out of focus; _peripheral view; fog, mist, mirage; _to see ‘more', ‘wider'; _to see.