“Pevé” rings

Designer: goldsmith Dominykas Vakrinas

With the rapid adoption of 3D technologies within the field of jewelry, the original craft of goldsmithing (handcrafting using regular tools) can become forgotten. However, a masterstroke of a goldsmith will always be more valuable than the production of complex software. These rings are handcrafted using regular tools, but clean and precise shapes will make you believe that it is the work of programmable machine tools. Ever-growing consumerism encourages the use of cheap imitation jewelry that does not last long, consequentially adding to the unnecessary depletion of natural resources. Gold used to make these rings was acquired from recycled jewelry and terminals of electric devices, while diamonds were mined and polished in Sri Lanka in accordance with all environmental requirements. Handcrafted jewelry is an exceptional quality accessory that is a lot more valuable and long-lasting, therefore, more environmentally friendly. Rings were crafted using precision grinded white diamonds, encrusted in 14-carat rhodium coated gold using Pavé technique. Both rings have different surfaces – one is smooth and incrusted with jewels throughout the whole perimeter, and another has an embossed element held by a semicircle-shaped part that forms very expressive lines when looked at from a side. Rings are designed using one element – a circle or part of it. When worn together, they underline the character and shape of each other.