modular houses

Designers: „Inblum Architects“: Laura Malcaitė, Dmitrij Kudin, Renata Mickevičiūtė, Laura Gaižutytė, Margarita Podagelytė

Client: „Strato Homes“

Together with our clients, we have set the goal of creating a modern modular home system of a high architectural level. To offer a home that does not feel like temporary housing. It is for this system that we have developed the architectural construction rules, which will allow potential buyers while choosing a house to fit it almost independently to their needs. The System There are four home types created: micro, tiny, standard, and freeform. This typology has its own internal combinatory logic, which allows for the construction of houses of various layouts. We have also been committed to giving the system a sense of individuality and exclusivity so that people would feel they have bought a tailor-made home meeting their individual needs, rather than a faceless replicable object. The Exterior Four finishing materials are offered for exterior finishing: galvanized tin, calcined or thermowood siding, reeds, and vertically greened parapet. Thus, you can create your own individual combination by choosing wall and parapet finishes that can be all-over or combined. The Accessories It is possible to choose a system of accessories, i.e. shutters, terraces, sheds, and outdoor pantries/cabinets attached to facades. These accessories are individually designed for this project. Sustainability The assembly and equipment of such homes imply the selection of such construction materials that are environmentally friendly, less harmful to the climate, and less absorbing carbon dioxide. The interior finishing is free from volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. The design observes the principle that homes must be sustainable and harmless to their residents.