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“Marila Unisex” raincoat

Designers: „Ducktail Rainwear“: Sigita Būkantaitė, Dovilė Gužienė, Vigita Garbuzaitė

Ducktail Rainwear is a Lithuanian brand that produces raincoats and other waterproof products such as backpacks, hats, and dog raincoats. In 2022 during the SS22 collection, a new project was presented - the Unisex Marila Raincoat. Like other Ducktail Rainwear products, the Marila raincoat aims to protect customers from inclement weather and allow them to enjoy life on the rainiest days. The Unisex Marila Raincoat model is named after the grays duck's Latin name - Aythya marila (Greater scaup) and is inspired by the modern human being who loves an intense lifestyle and a changing urban environment, but always has time to return to nature to draw inspiration and peace. The design of this raincoat is characterized by functionality and durability, combined with exclusive Ducktail Rainwear product features, such as a special fabric membrane and laminated seams. For this reason, the Unisex Marila raincoat is not only waterproof (withstands up to 10,000 water column pressure) and wind resistant (6m2.Pa/W) but also breathable. Along with the oversized silhouette, the Marila Raincoat does not restrict movements and ensures a feeling of well-being when wearing a raincoat during the summer and autumn seasons. The new raincoat design has ensured functionality and the customer's safety even in the darkest hours of the day: a high collar with a detachable hood, reflective adjustable hood spout, back slit, adjustable metal rings, and four large front pockets. There is also a visible duck tail motif on the back of the raincoat, which is characteristic of all Ducktail Rainwear products. However, unlike other raincoats, the Marila is the first model to have an origami duck logo on the right sleeve of the raincoat. From 2021 Ducktail Rainwear Raincoats are made from recycled polyester with a soft, recycled lining inside. All materials are ICEA certified to ensure sustainability.