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Lithuanian Stand at Leipzig Book Fair

Designers: IMPLMNT Architects (Aurimas Syrusas, Martynas Brimas, Vilius Dringelis)

Client: Lithuanian Culture Institute

Lithuania was invited to introduce itself with an honorary focus at the Leipzig Book Fair 2017. The main idea of the stand was a vector [in mathematics, and it is used here to represent a certain process, perspective or action; graphically, vectors are depicted by straight segments with tips]. The Lithuanian stand invites visitors to participate and travel together. The keynote and slogan representing Lithuania at the book fair is The Story Continues…. Accordingly, interpretation of the vector agrees with the general idea of the representation of the country. The structure of the stands is designed as a basic idea for direction, with the dynamic motif (the vector) to be clearly understood. Space and the direction of the movement of visitors is organized in a way that is not equal or perpendicular to the environment. The stands are illuminated in such a way that the result is a gradient of light. The gradient starts from complete white at the top of the stands to a light grey tone that coincides with the floor. This not only responds to the concept of the introduction (perspective, a metaphor for elan), it should recall an image where between the pages of an opened book a mysterious depth and growing shade occurs. It’s important to note that the stands, which gradually and consistently brighten in one direction, are comprised of small elements, namely book clusters. Each cluster is meant to be seen as a minor narrative, whether taken separately or in combination with others. Together, the clusters offer a retrospective look at the past century and can be closed to form a guide that takes the visitor on a journey through time, familiarizing him or her with different subjects, genres and authors. The moment a visitor notices something of interest and stops to open the shelf and select a book, to read the annotation, title and author’s name, a natural connection is made between the reader and the book and intrigue begins to unfold. If the shelves are closed, the words 'Fortsetzung folgt... [The Story Continues...] can be seen on the outer wall of the stand.