Interior elements

Lamp “Kepurė”

Author: Jurgis Judžentis

Client: „Nunoko“

"Kepurė" - an ecological pendant interior luminaire made of a sustainable material - a mushroom biocomposite. The dome-shaped luminaire is 65 centimeters in diameter, suitable for illuminating various spaces in the interior and creating general lighting. The light source of frosted glass provides non-dazzling lighting, which together with the relief of the dome material creates a warm mood in the spaces. An innovative material used in production - the fungal biocomposite - is a solution that replaces pollutants. This material consists of two components: a fungus (mycelium), which is used as a binder, and a substrate, from plant chips from the agricultural industry. By combining these two materials, nature does its job, and after a few days of growth, a monolithic light material is obtained. Its surface is slightly uneven and covered with a fluffy layer. It can be said that the lamp is grown by nature. Lamp "Kepurė" is characterized by the design features of the ring product: the product is biodegradable - at the end of the product life cycle, the material is utilized by living natural microorganisms. The fungal biocomposite is harmless to humans, does not emit odor, does not cause allergies and is fire resistant. This project wants to pay attention to nature conservation and environmental friendliness. Things made of natural materials are best known to man, thus strengthening the natural connection between man and nature. The project is funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council.