Fashion accessories


Author: Gerda Liudvinavičiūtė

Client: CELSIUS 273

An ode to the sleeping areas of Eastern Europe apartment blocks, where the majority of the population of Eastern Europe lives. It is our home that shapes us more than we can imagine. Each window is a separate world. These, when combined, turn into a city or a piece of jewelry. Living in blockhouses, we can feel isolated in our apartments, but we really live in a community - in buildings where only walls separate us. This collection asks who our homes are and do we know them well? By isolating ourselves in apartment buildings, it is as if we cannot escape from the community, because the apartment building itself creates it as a gift. We are included in the social bubble, even if we do not want to. We cannot escape communities, even in isolation. This collection is a grotesque story about our homes and ourselves. About the loneliness in the crowd, the relentless, involuntary desire to belong. Addiction to someone - community or oneself - comes through the prism of urban and jewelry design. This jewelry is like the space we choose to be in, although we don’t always recognize that. From another angle, let’s look at urban design and its impact on people. To our private lives, which seem to be determined by design and the city. The collection echoes the motifs of apartment buildings that blend in with the person and change. We are isolated in the crowd every day. Alone in communities or one but not alone. Eastern European apartment building is an iconic symbol of modern life, able to name our states, aspirations and fears and at the same time, protecting us from ourselves.