GLUCOCARER Blood Sugar Level Measurement Concept

Designer: Kristina Zakaraitė

Clients: Vilniaus dailės akademija, UAB „Rivosana“

GlucoCarer stands out from the competition with its novel non-invasive blood-sugar measurement technique. It eliminates all the unpleasant experiences caused by physical finger-pricking. More importantly, it mitigates any risks associated with hyper- and hypoglycemia, as it keeps the patient informed about fluctuating glucose with a continuous data stream and, furthermore, alerts the patient whenever levels are in the danger zone. Experimental results (bioimpedance, NIR and temperature difference) revealed that the ear is the most suitable part of the body to place the device. Seeking to avoid stereotyping, the device doesn’t rely on traditional medical equipment design solutions, like transparent textures or beige colouring, and visually assimilates modern and popular ear accessories such as ear cuffing, earphones and wireless headsets. So it serves two functions; the innovative design attracts interest in the product, and at the same time helps track blood glucose levels and manage the disease.