Interior design


Designers: Justė Žibūdienė, Dominyka Šulcaitė („Toota“)

Client: „Glasses on“

The goal of this interior is to create a dialogue between the inside (a store) and outside (the street). The space of the store is composed of two contrasting volumes: high and low, warm and sterile. The first impression on entering the store is awe, but not fear. Natural wood furnishing is used for this particular reason in the upper part of the store. Further away, a white area provides perspective and depth. Internal structures of vertical semi-turned columns create a dialogue between interior and exterior; it’s as if the store is trying to face the street. This solution helps to provide a separate individual place for every product on the shelves, while the light intensity of the display shelves can be fine-tuned to create various moods and adapt to the surroundings.