Multimedia design

Generative data platform “Holos”

Author: Natalija Čaiko

Client: VDA

There is a unique connection between mathematics and various socioeconomic processes of the world. Statistics depicting natural processes are usually distributed according to Benford's law and indicate the validity and harmony of these phenomena. The project consists of a generative data platform "Holos" and an audiovisual projection installation "Holos.create", which examine the applicability of Benford's law in different spheres of human activity and nature. The platform provides a variety of real-time data sets: global earthquake indicators, covid-19 data, stock market prices, and global territorial unit indicators by country. The platform calculates the distribution of data according to Benford's law and generates audiovisual representation of this remarkable law. In the "Create" section, the viewer is given the opportunity to analyze the data he has entered. The interactive installation "Holos.create" invites the viewer to try out the "create" part of the platform during the audiovisual, projection installation. The panel provides an opportunity to enter the desired array of numbers and generates a visualization and melody of the entered number combination. With the help of generative design, the world of numbers takes on a fundamentally different form, revealing the consequent pattern in various datasets. Audiovisual interpretation of data through Benford’s Law helps us understand the mathematical principle of the world processes and confirms the harmony of the data around us.