“FOOD. Home kitchen”

Designer: Jurga Želvytė

Client: Deivydas Praspaliauskas

"I wanted this book to be like my kitchen diary, in which I would put countless practical tips: how to create a space where it would be interesting and easy to cook; how products that we often just throw away could be reborn; how to make broth, butter or a mixture of spices and using them create improvised recipes or give a new flavor to an ordinary dish." says renowned chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas. The creative team's desire was to design an exceptional book suitable for everyday use, easy to read, and practical in the kitchen. This book is meant to be the first book of the collection. The future plan is to publish the book "FOOD. Outdoor kitchen", "FOOD. Sauces and spices", "FOOD. Desserts". The uniqueness of each book is emphasized by one color, which you see on the spine and inside layout, foil with an imprint on the cover, and color binding. The binding of the book is chosen hardcover with an open spine to emphasize the diary idea, but also for practical use so that the book opens easily. The dimensions of the book are 170 x 260 mm. The layout includes five colors (cmyk + pantone 356U), Brandon Grotesque and Garamond Pro fonts, interior paper Maxima Volume FSC 150 g, cover paper Geltex LS 111 FSC 115 g, title foiled with Colorit 976 embossing.