Costume design

Educational Clothes for Children

Designer: Agnė Beinaravičiūtė

Client: agadab

Every girl dreams of being a princess, but the Princess dress is designed with a contemporary girl in mind. The idea behind the dress is to educate children in a creative and unconventional way through clothing that teaches art, cultural history and traditions, cultivates taste and develops fantasy. A simple and comfortable cut pattern is chosen, without any unnecessary details. Medieval manuscripts and textural fragments imbue the dress with elegance. This Lithuanian folk dress is created using the principle of collage and is based on motifs of Lithuanian folk art. The dress can be worn every day, its simple cut ensuring comfortable wear while the use of digital printing enables a transmission of selected folk-art details. The linen fabric is practical, ecological and inseparable from Lithuanian culture. The idea is to convey ageless traditions to children in a modern, fun and conceptual way.