“Deo” series of devices for the deaf

Designer: Eglė Alejevaitė

Nine out of 10 children with hearing impairments are born into hearing-impaired families, and according to the World Health Organization, nearly 2.5 billion people will have some form of hearing loss by 2050. Families with hearing impairments from the birth of a child are accompanied by problems such as psychological crises, accidents, and lack of integration and socialization in society and educational institutions. Every day they are accompanied by fear, fright, challenges in the home and in open spaces, stressful and dangerous situations, and bullying. "deo" is a series of devices that help to communicate with people with hearing impairments in the family, avoid dangerous and stressful situations in open spaces and at home, and help children with hearing impairments to integrate into mainstream schools. Reduce the possibility of bullying, does not restrict children's freedom and helps children become more independent, facilitates parental preparation and care in open spaces. "deo" series consists of four devices: a baby bracelet, a parent/child bracelet with a screen, a teacher device and a wireless charger. And thus protect against the accident when every second counts. Direct the child's attention when the parents communicate with those around or away, call for help, and reduce the child's stress in the family when he does not hear that he is invited to lunch. Peers and the child himself, give up long notes when trying to describe a lost child and navigate the location of the lost child with the help of the device. "deo" series of devices is designed for non-verbal communication in families and educational institutions of people with hearing impairments. It protects against injuries or accidents and provides a sense of security.