Interior design

collection of side and coffee tables

Designer: Donatas Žukauskas

Side and coffee table collection The visual inspiration for the tables is a combination of natural wood and concrete. These two opposite materials combined, create a unique character of the product that has the coldness of concrete and the coziness of wood. Although wood and concrete have different properties, in the interior, they are complementary and perfectly compatible. The main goal of the project was to create not only a piece of furniture but also a sculptural and elegant detail of the interior. The tabletop is made of natural oak, and the base of the table, resembling concrete in appearance, is made by pouring solid mass, which is closer to wood in its properties. This material is strong and elastic, so it does not crumble and crack like concrete. The set task was technologically challenging - it was necessary to fuse wet mass and moisture-sensitive wood. The entire structure of the table is manufactured at the same time so that the two materials join together smoothly and precisely to avoid any gaps. After the product dries, it is scrubbed, and the tabletop is oiled. The mass resembling concrete is the result of various experiments. It is a mixture of several components: the largest part of which is paper mass. Although paper is often associated with fragility, when mixed with other materials and dried, it becomes as strong as wood. It took a lot of testing to find the right ratio of materials to create a rough or smooth surface, water resistance, rigidity, and elasticity. In the creation of these tables, recycled materials were also used. As a result, these pieces of furniture acquire not only an exclusive appearance and distinctiveness but also become sustainable members of the home. Side tables are available in two sizes: 50 cm in height and 40 cm in diameter or 58 cm in height and 45 cm in diameter. The size of the coffee tables: 45 cm in height and 90 cm in diameter. All tables are available in two colors: gray or black.