Interior elements

ARCHMODULE Multifunctional Interior Element

Designers: Dalia Mauricaitė-Kalinauskienė, Nauris Kalinauskas

Client: Citus Construction

In cooperation with the Department of Cultural Heritage of Lithuania, this architectural module was created for everyday life’s necessary needs. Two identical modules were installed in the reconstructed building of the former Kaunas Military Telegraph Building. The first is adapted to living space – at the centre there is a bathroom with a toilet, wash basin and shower cabin. Around the bathroom area all the necessary cabinet furniture is designed: a washing machine wardrobe, a compact kitchen, wardrobes for clothes and things, and steps to the upper level, reaching the bedroom area. The second module is adapted as a workspace and the entresol area is customized for a lounge and for conversations. The modules are made of furniture materials – the bathroom area is made of high-pressure laminated veneer, the façades made of MDF panels with historic and geometric wallpapers. The module stands independently, is not attached to the heritage-protected walls, and all amenities are driven between the module and the authentic floor. ARCHMODULE can be installed in the room and be fully connected to all communications within two or three days, and it can be easily disassembled too. It easily adapts to open-plan spaces – in lofts, hotels or co-working spaces and can quickly be set up also for comfortable, compact living spaces.