Interior design

Apartment in Gediminas avenue

Authors: Heima architects, Povilas Žakauskas, Elene Gaidelytė

Client: privatus

This apartment is situated in an 19th century building. Entire neighborhood is characterized by 19th-20th century beginning buildings in eclectic style. The collection of architecture elements and details creates a certain elegant vibe about the area. Our goal was to implement some of the local spirit in the interior my merging a modern lifestyle with some touches from the past. Arched openings and niches allowed to create a clean living room by hiding some of the doors in a big arch. The fridge was hidden in another niche and it allowed for an unconventional decision in the kitchen area. Entire kitchen fits in one single island without any additional cabinets. Such kitchen design created a more elegant appearance of the living room. The big arch continues its shape through another two bathrooms behind it. One is accessed from the living room, another is connected to the master bedroom.