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Interactive educational exoposition “About Crustaceans, Stingrays and Us”

Authors: Martynas Birškys, Milda Šiulytė, Oleksandr Rogovets

Client: Lithuanian Sea Museum

The Lithuanian Sea Museum is one of the most popular museums in the country. Each year museum’s expositions are renewed - the aim is to introduce visitors with the Sealife, educate them about ecology and preservation of endangered species. DADADA Studio has created a concept about the SUPERPOWERS of crustaceans and echinoderms, and together with production has established it. The aim of the interactive exposition: help visitors discover the powers of the species and learn about their adaptation and survival in their environment. Unique graphic illustrations have been created to strengthen the mystical and futuristic concept. Most of the museum’s visitors are children. Before creating, we were observing how they interact with the museum environment, what message they are able to memorise after touching objects and accomplishing small tasks. The axis of the exposition is the harmony between the exhibits portrayed in a stylised sea bottom and the interactions that give the feeling of unexpectedness: one can insert a hand into a starfish stomach, watch how a sea cucumber spews out his internal organs when it wants to protect itself, find out if one is stronger than a lobster or try catching a crab.